New Dubstep-ish song coming!!!

2012-11-01 23:53:55 by tomdink

I just worked on this and finished the song "Phenomination" tonight, and I am planning on uploading it tomorrow in the afternoon, like around 5-ish, so if you see this update, check my audio tomorrow afternoon!!! (This is kind of a dubstep ish song that I kinda like, it reminds me sorta of a mord fustang song).
EDIT: I have now decided to start a series of Kosmos songs in honor of the first one, Kosmos Revenge. This one will be the first, and its called Kosmos Rush! It's on my audio page. (I made it fairly quickly so there are a few things I might want to adjust and then I might post an updated version...


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2012-11-02 01:44:36

Awesome!! ^_^


2012-11-02 08:11:09