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2012-12-01 12:14:01 by tomdink

Haha, so I made my new profile pic ( :D ) and it's called the Dinklebot. Yah i will be making more variations of it and it will probably evolve over time!!! (haha like pokemon)


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2012-12-01 13:11:28

So cute i love it!! :D

tomdink responds:

Hahaha thanks dude :D


2012-12-01 13:47:28

Can it evolve into the Pissinator?

tomdink responds:

"Tinklebot is evolving into Pissinator! Now he can pee on his enemies with stronger force and greater accuracy!" (Haha this is totally gonna happen :D)


2012-12-01 14:16:44

Lol,Awesome Robot!

tomdink responds:

yah robots are really fun to draw!... haha lolz :D and thanks


2012-12-01 15:03:15


tomdink responds:

:D haha oooohhhh yah


2012-12-06 11:18:01

it has lemon-green eyes with a big red D on its front and its frighten little children with its..
claws of pure pointy-assness!? 0_0
what creature is this?
-yes iiiiiittssss theeeee Dinklebot!!

sorry. i dont take refunds.